Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it.

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Necktie, Four-in-Hand Necktie, Pratt (Shelby) Necktie, Half Windsor Necktie, Windsor Necktie, Bow Tie Shoelace Bow ShoeLace, Fieggen ShoeLace, Surgeon's Child's Swing Tying a Package Bottle Sling Butcher's Knot Drapery (Curtain) Tie Back Underwriter's Knot Square (Reef) Sheet Bend Figure 8 Knot Bowline Round Turn & Hitches Trucker's Hitch Constrictor (Twisting) Double O'hand Stopper Barrel Hitch Clove Hitch (End)

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Looking Smart: Tying a Necktie

Teach your Child to Tie Shoelaces

Tie Loop in the End of a Rope

Join Two Pieces of String

Tie String Round a Package

Join Ropes of Different Size

Hoist Barrel

Curtain (Drapery) Hold Back

Tie Meat for Roasting

Hang a Child's Swing

Carry a Bottle

Attach Rope to Pole Securely

Secure Tarpaulin or Trailer Load

Knot Under Knob on Light Pull

Prevent Rope End Fraying

Strain Relief for Electric Cable

Quick Hitch

Disclaimer: Any activity that involves ropes is potentially hazardous. Lives may be at risk - possibly your own. Considerable attention and effort have been made to ensure that these descriptions are accurate. However, many critical factors cannot be controlled, including: the choice of materials; the age, size, and condition of ropes; and the accuracy with which these descriptions have been followed. No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material.

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