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Household Knots Usage

Instructions: Move the mouse over each knot. Look at the description to find out what it can be used for. Click on the knot you wish to see. On the new page wait until the selected knot starts to tie itself.

Looking Smart: Tying a Necktie

Teach your Child to Tie Shoelaces

Tie Loop in the End of a Rope

Join Two Pieces of String

Tie String Round a Package

Join Ropes of Different Size

Hoist Barrel

Curtain (Drapery) Hold Back

Tie Meat for Roasting

Hang a Child's Swing

Carry a Bottle

Attach Rope to Pole Securely

Secure Tarpaulin or Trailer Load

Knot Under Knob on Light Pull

Prevent Rope End Fraying

Strain Relief for Electric Cable

Quick Hitch

Household knots covers a wide range of knots that may have a use in the home or on the road, from tying up a package to securing a trailer load.

Disclaimer: Any activity that involves ropes is potentially hazardous. Lives may be at risk - possibly your own. Considerable attention and effort have been made to ensure that these descriptions are accurate. However, many critical factors cannot be controlled, including: the choice of materials; the age, size, and condition of ropes; and the accuracy with which these descriptions have been followed. No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material.

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